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    Event Management Software

      Hello All,

      I'm trying to do a bit of research on some event management software options like Cvent, Lanyon, or Eventbrite. Some of our events need a lot of features like payments, room sharing, etc. So far the two that have come up the most have been Cvent and Eventbrite. I know that Cvent has Marketo integration capabilities, but I've also heard several complaints about Cvent > Marketo > Salesforce syncing smoothly. Eventbrite was the lesser mentioned and only integrates with SFDC right out of the box - it needs a little bit of coding to integrate directly with Marketo from what I understand. 

      TLDR: Can someone please provide their experiences with an Event Management Software? Both good and bad stories are welcome.

      Thanks in advanced!

      Danny T.
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          Matt Stone
          We use Eventbrite and it works pretty well. While you're accurate in saying that it doesn't connect directly with Marketo out of the box, their API is pretty friendly and it doesn't take a ton of effort (if you are, or have, a programmer), to build a connection between the two.

          I haven't used Cvent, so I can't comment on that.
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                 Hey Danny, I hope lots of Cvent and Eventbrite users will join in and share their experience. I work in Cvent's Marketing Ops department and I can tell you how we use our product for our own events, and what we're doing to integrate with Marketo and SFDC

                 Marketing Ops worked very closely with Technology to define requirements for the Marketo integration.  Since we use our own internal Cvent account to manage over 2000 webinars and live events, we care very much about having a smooth and robust integration to make our team more efficient.  At our scale, we're still working on implementation (and, truth be told, still getting Marketo fully up....we just got started in April).

                 To put what you've heard about our integrations in context, the SFDC integration has been in production for several years, and is fully baked.  The Marketo integration is a newer one, only released last quarter.  Prior to the productized Marketo integration, people had to use the SFDC integration to get data into Marketo (Cvent>SFDC>Marketo), which definitely had some challenges. In response, we created the direct Cvent>Marketo integration, which has gotten a lot of positive feedback. Cvent clients have been successful with either syncing data to SFDC via Marketo (Cvent>Marketo>SFDC) or using dual integration (Cvent>SFDC and Cvent>Marketo).

                 I know our tech team is getting ready to push out a number of enhancements this month to build out additional touch points between Cvent and Marketo, and more updates are planned throughout the end of the year.

                 If you'd like to speak with one of our clients using the integration, or if you want to speak to my colleague who integrated Cvent+Marketo+SF on our side, I'd be happy to put you in touch!  You can reach me most directly at KevinY (at) cvent (dot) com

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