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Allow creation of duplicates for existing contacts?

Question asked by 584833f96f6f99df36e27c05bbb2a0ff56de0df7 on Jun 17, 2014
Latest reply on Jun 17, 2014 by Josh Hill
Hello Marketo community,

I have a Marketo-to-Salesforce conundrum I'm hoping to get some feedback on.  We're debating about whether to load a specific list of prospects into our database as contacts instead of leads, due to reasons around ownership on the sales side.

If we decide to load the records as contacts, we do want Marketo to create a new lead record in the system when the individual takes an action (and maintain the existing contact record).  Is there a 'good' way to set this up?

One method I have seen discussed is to assign the new lead record to a queue when syncing to SFDC.  Can anyone speak to this? Or are there any other ways to accomplish this task?

Thanks for your input!