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    Your take on manual lead qualification before passing fully to sales team

      This is a question I have been thinking about in my head and it has recently come up in a client discussion. I am hoping to tap into some of my Marketo peers for your varying perspectives.

      My question is this:

      Even with scoring models built on activity/engagement and demographic data, is it STILL a good idea for there to be a layer of "manual" lead qualification between marketing and sales? That is, should Marketo direct "good" leads to a person or team who can then work to further qualify the lead? 

      My thoughts are that many (larger?) orgs do  use some form of gatekeeper/sales assistant to help understand a lead's specific objectives before setting up a meeting with an actual sales person. I assume the reason for this is to help if there are tremendous volumes of leads coming in where meeting setting and these kinds of initial interviews via phone or email can help keep the busy salesperson focused on closing deals. 

      I would argue that this need is less for an organization that may have 10-50 new leads a day versus one which gets 1,000 leads a day, and likewise I'm sure the quantity of sales people also work into that equation.

      Any thoughts/POVs or articles on this topic appreciated!