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    Smart Lists for Engagement Streams?

           If you want to identify which users opened and/or clicked on links in an email that's part of an engagement program, how do you do it?

           We just put about 500 users into a nurture path. They got email 1 today. Marketo Support set up a Smart List for me for 'Clicked Link in an Email' in time frame 'this week S S' 

           What does 'this week S S' mean?

           Our nurture path has 10 emails and we're going to be adding users to the path every week so what's the most scalable way to track who opened/clicked each one week by week without having a ton of smart lists to make and keep track of?


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          Josh Hill
          SS = Sunday  - Saturday.

          The best way is to use the smart list with the Filters Clicked Link in Email IS X (the list of emails in your nurture) or Opened Email IS X within past 7 days or S-S.

          There isn't another way to see this and to see the specific leads who acted.
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            I'm a little behind on this one. Thanks Josh for the help. 

            I set up the smart list with the filters and added all the emails in the engagement stream. Our next email goes out Tuesday. When I view the leads in the smart list, will I be able to tell which lead clicked a link in email 1 vs 2 etc. Or is it just going to give me a full list of all leads who clicked any one of the emails in the stream?