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    Marketo New interface

      Just wondering - am I the only one who dislikes the new interface and UI Marketo have released?

      It's done nothing to enhance my experience, in fact I now find it feels flaky and flat. It's lost its character completely for me.

      Aesthetically - 3/10
      Functionality - Hasn't changed
      Usability - 5/10
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          Hi Rashida,

          I think once everyone gets used to the new UI it will become easier to use.  We are just used to the old interface and it will take some time to adjust. I'm sure next month or the month after there will be an update to make it even better and we wont even miss the old interface! 
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            I have to agree about the flakiness of the interface. In complex smart lists, the auto populate doesn't always work properly. I do assume that those issues will be addressed. From an aesthetic perspective I figure we'll get used to it.

            My biggest gripe about the UI is that there's a lot of margins/padding around elements. When you have simple smart lists/flows, that's not a big deal--but when you have complex smart lists/flows it creates a lot more scrolling up and down. And yes, i know you can collapse the elements, but with complex conditions, they get truncated.

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              Brigid Greenway
              I think it gearing them up for mobile interface (which will be awesome) and they will work through some customer feedback in the early stages of this rollout.
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                I think there are better ways to introduce new UI changes, i.e. create a beta version for customers to feedback on whilst the current environment is not upgraded.

                I really can't see how someone could manage complex campaigns from a mobile so to go to this length and ruin what was a perfectly good and stable UI is a bit harsh for customers to 'get used to'
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                  Functionality hasnt changed <- this is the BIGGIE!! 

                  Remember when Windows 8 was a total flop because it was so unintuitive? Well looks like Marketo desgined a Windows 8-like UI so not surprising all the questions we are seeing pop up in the discussions. Id prefer to look at the same UI and have some more functionality thrown in. It is very unintuitive and overall not a good move. Im sure their support lines are going wacky with questions about how to do anything. As for mobile, are we really going to be using mobile to manage Marketo? I dont think so.

                  I do miss the menu bar immensely though :(
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                    I am so happy the menu bar is gone. Best part of the update.
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                      I agree -- not a fan of the changes. I don't like the colors (all those grays and random jewel tones!) and I don't like all the empty space and zoomed feel. 

                      I still love what Marketo does for my company and the functionality, but these UI changes are not the best.
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                             There are several motivators behind the style upgrade.

                        1.           Make more room for fingers.  Laptops are getting more touch compatible.  Tablets are becomming closer to laptops (example: surface 3).  Fingers are a good UI sometimes.  But to make room for that, we need to spread some things apart.
                        2.           Consistency.  We had gotten ourselves into a weird place where some of the UI was new and some old.  We needed to clean up.
                        3.           Prepare for a client-side framework upgrade.  There is a specific technology we use that we want to upgrade.  This look change helped get us prepared for that.
                        4.           Reinvent the navigation.  We are getting more "Apps" like SEO, RTP, Cal and others.  We need a way to navigate better.  The superball accomplishes that.  Next is to complete reinvent the left-hand tree.  This will change the concept of design studio, lead database, etc.  It will be easier to organize and find what you need.

                             No change is universally loved.  Just ask Facebook everytime they change something.  But Facebook knows (as do we) that you will get used to the new thing and then relax.  I hear your feedback and we are squashing bugs.  However, so far, our Support lines have been fine, no high surges of activity to report.

                             Keep the feedback coming.  This is a partnership and we are all in this together.

                             Here are some cool Change quotes:

                        The only way to make sense out of change is to plunge into it, move with it, and join the dance.

                        Progress is a nice word. But change is its motivator. And change has its enemies.

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                          Change is perfectly fine by me. Changing house is acceptable. Marketo just asked me to move country, change house and job and still expects me to be able to work in the same way as I have been - and that was all not even communicated as a heads up (Personally I didn't get any updates)

                          The overload of changes is what I have issues with. I don't appreciate my service being switched to something based on minority feedback - and Facebook changes are hardly a comparison. They update in increments last time I logged in.

                          Did Marketo do any research behind what platforms people use.. PC, tablets, mobile etc?

                          What percentage of users were considered when designing the new UI I wonder - You don't even support IE8 so perhaps you should work on fixing the existing technology instead of jumping multiple hurdles and falling flat at the end of it to pick up peeved responses.

                          Sometimes - Marketo really needs to slow down. "If it ain't broke, why try and fix it?"

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                                 Rashida, I hear you loud and clear.

                                 We tried very hard to minimize the actual changes.  Smart campaigns, Landing Pages, Emails, Reports...in fact every single object in Marketo works exactly as it did before.  You aren't in a new country.  You are actually in the same house.  We just pained the walls.  The furniture is exactly where it was.  Nothing moved. (Except the global nav)

                                 Supporting old browsers is always difficult because of JavaScript issues.  However, try to support as many as possible.

                                 We don't think of Marketo as "broke" or "not broke".  We have a vision of our product and where it will go.  We envision it lightning fast, bug free, easy to achieve and analyze results and integrated to all the systems you use like your website or google adwords to name a few.  We envision a platform that works well on todays devices and tomorrows.  It clearly isn't there yet, but this is our vision and mission.

                                 As we move forward, we will be as communicative as possible and minimize any disruptions.  I care deeply about your experience and try to make it delightful every day.

                                 I've forwarded your post to Cheryl to ensure that you are on the communication channels we send out.  We sent out alot for this one, but some people slipped past us.

                                 One value we have at Marketo is "Speak the Truth".  We don't fool ourselves or ignore feedback.  I appreciate your truth and encourage you to keep it up.

                                 Glen Lipka
                                 VP, User Experience

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                              I have to go back to my gripe and Rashida Q's comment about what platforms people are using on Marketo. Besides myself and the three developers we have working on Marketo not one of us would use a tablet to develop emails, programs,etc. It makes no sense.

                              Tablets are the perfect device to consume content; but aren't optimal for creating content. Yes, there are one-off times that I can see using a tablet to quickly look at something, tweak a setting or review analytics--but actually working on smart lists and programs--would be difficult and frustrating.

                              So Marketo: do you know what percentage of people actually use tablets to build and create?
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                                Agreed - I would never login via mobile to Marketo for any reason that I can think of. And discovered that if you change the screen resolution to a lower percentage so it doesnt look gigantic and handicapped for those supposed 'fat fingers', things break. Bug has been confirmed and reported to support.
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                                  I believe you may be assking the wrong question.  Rather ask, "is touch a feature of laptops in the coming 2-5 years?"  My dell laptop has a touch screen already.  I find myself tapping it frequently.  The Microsoft Surface device blurs the lines between tablets and laptops considerably.

                                  Additionally, there are features that are very well suited to tablet or phone.  For instance, a simple lead lookup makes a ton of sense on the phone, including the activity log.  On the tablet, some really good analytics would be nice.  There are many people with iPads (or similar) who carry them into meetings and would love to have some functionality.

                                  We take this trend in the device industry seriously.  Devices are becoming more varied in shapes, sizes and functionality.  Tocuh is becomming more prevelant.  This is the beginning of the journey.

                                  I hope this helps give insight into our thinking.

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                                    You should test the product at different screen resolutions before roll-out in that case. Im using it at 75% since the 100% is way too big and is a pain to move items around with less items fitting on one screen. At 75%, things break (as I mentioned, this was shared with your support team and they filed a bug).

                                    Also, dont assume we all use touchscreens or want to. It should work for both audiences and not for the 'trend' or what someone may think is cool. My laptop has a touchscreen as well and I would never use it to navigate Marketo. Why? Because while I may be able to select things, anything drag and drop doesnt work (like inserting an image in an email) so Im not going to use touchscreen for half of my work or navigation around Marketo. Should be all or none. Looks like your dev team has a lot more work to do.
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                                      And having to use IE to add hyperlinks to images because it is not supported in Chrome is another thing that should have been fixed before this. Support tells me this will be fixed 'by the end of the year'. Why is the priority on this when it should be on functionality and nailing out some of the ideas in the ideas section?
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                                        The rich text editor is absolutely critical and high priority.  It's complicated, but we are doing our best to upgrade it as soon as possible.

                                        The system (as of now) is NOT touch compliant.  It's a long journey to get there.  This is only a step.

                                        Just curious Christina, what is your screen resolution?
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                                          I mentioned it in my comment. I set it to 75% just to be able to see more items. The 100% is so big it's like it's for blind people. 
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                                            The UI was always a challenge, but UX is still a huge issue, no smart defaults when cloning items, no visual representation of flows, a tree structure that still seems very noisy, and lots of wasted negative space for rapid navigation. Even the new calendar has a hideous tool/display bar on the right., silly 3D shadings around items listed. Looks as though more time was put in to the bouncing ball and the pointless background picture. "Lipstick on a pig" comes to mind.
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                                              I'd like to go back to the "is touch a feature of laptops in the coming 2-5 years". That's a question nobody knows how to answer. Considering that the latest version of Windows 8 now boots into the traditional desktop if the O/S detects a standard keyboard and mouse attached is rather telling on how MS is looking at this question.

                                              How about letting the user select if they want the interface 'optimized' for touch? If that's turned on, then add all that negative space; if it's off, than let's use the screen real estate as efficiently as possible.

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                                                My biggest gripe is with the color scheme - I wish you could have a setting option for a less "colorful" look.
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                                                    I can't tell you how many times over the past 6 years that I've needed to make one change in Marketo. Activate one smart campaign. Fix one typo. 

                                                    Not... do work... but while enjoying my evening, get an emergency text, and have to go home to access a computer to fix a problem. If I could have just whipped out my phone and gotten my work done in 2 minutes it would have made my life much better.

                                                    This thread wins an award for being one of the most whiney of the community. Progress and change are constants folks. Technology is evolving and if Marketo wasn't evolving at equal pace then we'd all be looking for new solutions. We don't always like when someone 'moves our cheese', but it's a part of life. 
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                                                      We have some values at Marketo that we use every day. They might be helpful here.

                                                      Speak the Truth. It means facing reality even if it hurts. It means honesty and transparent feedback. I appreciate all feedback, even if its negative.

                                                      One Team. In my mind, this includes you too, our customers. We are all on the same team. We employees want you to be successful. But more important, you are all part of the Marketing Nation. We help each other. We care about each other. We are constructive with our feedback and build each other up, not tear each other down. Feedback should be repectful.

                                                      Customer Passion. I work tirelessly day after day (for me, seven years now), as do my teammates and colleagues. We work to make your lives better. Don't think we are sleeping on the job or make decisions in a vacuum.

                                                      Aspire to be Great. I want the UI to be spectacular. I have a vision and want to see it come to reality. Sure, sometimes it takes longer than I want, but we do our best. We have great engineers, but you cant rush quality.

                                                      These are some of our values and we hope you understand how they are there to help us make great services and software for you.

                                                      Ive heard you loud and clear, all of you. We will continue to work hard making great improvements. If you want to continue the thread, just try to remember these values, especially One Team. We are in this together.
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                                                        Thank you for your input Glen. Also I'd like to remind everyone of our Marketo Community Guidelines.

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                                                          Great insight from Adam W on the fact that using a product it's self should not be the "work" but what is acheived by using it. Whether or not the product would be a feasible solution on a particular platform you were able to communicate what you expect.

                                                          This aligns nicely with the discussion around the overall UI/UX.

                                                          Thank you
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                                                            Lisa McGregor

                                                            Wondering if there are any course instruction/how to videos for those of us who hadn't used the old UI and are now working our way through the courses with a different UI.