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    Munchkin works for other machines, but not mine

    Grant Birchmeier
      This is a weird one.

      When I visit my pages with my machine, Marketo does not record any page visits (anony or otherwise).  I've tried with 3 different browsers, but each has no effect.

      Just now, I asked my coworker to try hitting some pages from his location, and they were all recorded nearly instantly.

      This doesn't make any sense to me.  Why would Marketo/Munchkin be discriminating against my machine?

      Other details:
      •           The two machines are on different networks (I'm working remotely today)
      •           Both machines are Macbooks
      •           I do not see any JS errors in the console
      •           Both machines are hitting the same website

      I'm really stumped.  Anyone have a hint?