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Ouch! 500 Error

Question asked by f98e3c1e00fe3acd84761f9782b6aa61b0b04101 on Sep 10, 2014
Latest reply on Sep 11, 2014 by f98e3c1e00fe3acd84761f9782b6aa61b0b04101
     We have seen "500" error with the following error message while querying getMultipleLeads() 
     <h1>Ouch! 500 Error</h1>
           Something went wrong.<br />
         <br/>We monitor this sort of thing,<br/> but if you are an authorized support contact <br/>you should <a href="""">create a support ticket</a>.<br/>
         <br/>We will figure it out together.<br/>
     How to identify the cause? We ran into similar error twice in the past too.
     Is this some problem with Marketo service? We saw this error yesterdat(10th September)