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    Lightbox Form not pre-populating

    JD Nelson
      I'm not sure why my form that I put in a lightbox is not pre-populating with information after coming from an email link.  I used the JS query to pop up the lightbox w/ form on click, maybe that prevents something?  My LP is set to enable pre-populating.  am I missing sometthing?

      Here's the generic script I'm using:


           <a href="#" id="lightbox-link">CONTACT US</a>


           <script src="//app-xxx.marketo.com/js/forms2/js/forms2.js"></script>

           <form id="mktoForm_618"> </form>


             var btn = document.getElementById("lightbox-link");

             btn.onclick = function(){

               MktoForms2.loadForm("//app-xxx.marketo.com", "xxx-xxx-xxx",618, function (form){





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          Grant Booth
          Hi JD,

          For security reasons, forms will only prepopulate if they're dragged onto a Marketo landing page using the form editor. Forms can't prefill when using the embed code.
          If you use one of our API's in conjunction with the .vals method from here:
          you might be able to set up something custom.
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