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    Smartest way to track advertising lead source

      I'm looking for your recommendations and best practices on tracking lead source from advertising channels. For example, say you have a single program for a webinar - and are interested in promoting that webinar via targeted ads on LinkedIn, Facebook, and PPC ads on Google (as an example). What is the smartest and most efficient way to set up that lead capture "flow" so that you can accurately measure the ROI on each of those channels, and therefore can shift your budgets accordingly etc on the next one. 

      Our current way of tracking advertising spend is not very scalable, and as we expand the different places where we spend our budget it is becoming a bit tedious. 

      Thank you for your time and responses! 

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          Josh Hill

          The best way is with URL parameters. You get to keep a single form and page, but then create hidden fields to capture the origin the lead from the Platform you used to promote that offer.

          Jeff Coveney has a quick guide to this
          http://www.revenginemarketing.com/ on the main page.
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            Josh Hill, I appreciate your quick advice and link. I will have to check it out over the weekend and see how it all works! 
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              Hey Josh - I wanted to rehash this if you have a few mins to respond. So we've adopted the great LSM8 system mentioned in the above guide. I understand we can now easily track a variety of lead sources using the forms, but (and correct me if I'm wrong) we still need a "complimentary" program for each paid advertising source to capture cost/ROI - right? This is how I've always done advertising channels in my last instance of Marketo, but since we're starting with a fresh install I want to make sure I'm adopting best practices. Is this the best case solution?