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    Megan Reed
      I understand the REST API is newer than the SOAP API and both are ok to use for our custom CRM integration. But I have a few questions:
      1. Does anyone at Marketo foresee the SOAP API being unusable in the future?
      2. Will the features that are only available in the SOAP API be available for the REST API soon?
      3. What tasks, changes, etc. should we prepare for in the furture if we use the REST API?
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          Josh Hill
          You may find out some of these answers at developers.marketo.com. The roadmap might be there too.

          Also consider asking your rep for help connecting to the right people internally. Murtza will prob answer this too.
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            Thanks for the shout out Josh.

            1 - There are no plans to sunset the SOAP API, but we are not planning on adding new SOAP API features. 
            2 - Yes. We hope to reach parity between REST API and SOAP API in the coming months. 
            3 - I would recommend reviewing this post:
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                Lucho Soto

                Is there an update on this and has the REST API reached parity with SOAP? The REST vs SOAP article mentions features that are found exclusively in REST but does not mention any of the features found in SOAP but not yet in REST. Does anyone know what these are?


                Any help/comments are appreciated.