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    Adding Accounts / Removing Accounts from my watch list

      I have about 434 accounts. I clicked on the "Action" button to load the first 200 to my watch list.
      I assume it loaded them. Then I went to the next page (next 200) accounts and clicked on the action button again.
      I guess it added them. I don't know.

      How do I get a count of the number of accounts in my watch list?
      How can I ensure I haven't added an account twice?
      Is there a limit to the amount of firms I can add to a watch list?

      Maybe I should start over and select accounts one at a time to ensure that they all get added and that there are no duplicates. How can I delete my entire watch list and start over?
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          Nathan Allison
          Hi Paul,

          First, I am assuming you're talking about your Sales Insight watch list (not sure you meant to post this to Real Time Personalization)?

          In regards to the MSI watch list, when you click the Add Account button, it's not really adding the account itself, but rather, all of the contacts you have associated with that account to your watch list.  It shouldn't add duplicate contacts to your list.

          Note that, to my knowledge, you can't "remove an account" the same way you can add.  The only way I have seen is that you must remove contacts you no longer want in your list, individually.