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    Landing Page Reporting and Setup for Adwords

           Hi Guys,

           Hoping the community can assist me here. I'm running multiple Google Adwords Campaigns that are runnning to various landing pages that have been setup in Marketo; some landing pages however, are the exact same in order to test Ad Variations. 

      Here is a High Level Example:
           Ad Group (A) > Ad (A) > Landing Page (A)

      Ad Group (A) > Ad (B) > Landing Page (A)

           What I am finding is that if I use the exact same landing page, Marketo Analytics totals the views, conversions etc. from both Ad (A) and Ad (B) which of course skews the numbers and doesn't allow me to determine whether Ad (A) or (B) converted better. 

           To get around this, our team has had to duplicate the pages within Marketo, so the test looks something like:

      Ad Group (A) > Ad (A) > Landing Page (A) v1
      Ad Group (A) > Ad (B) > Landing Page (A) v2

           This appears to solve the Marketo Analytics issue of totalling the numbers but as you can imagine for a massive Adwords Campaign that will continue to evolve, it is pretty inefficient to continue duplicating the pages each time I want to use the same template for different Ads / Ad Groups etc. 

           Is there an easier way to setup an Analytics report in Marketo so that I can differentiate the performance of each landing page that is identical and being used by more than one PPC Ad? Or are we stuck in having to create duplicate pages?

           Appreciate any Insights on this!