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    Two forms into one?

      Hi all, 

      I would like to have a form that sends field values in that form, after hitting the submit button, to two different systems, one being Marketo, one being another third party system. 

      What would be the best way to go about this? API's, html coding, javascripts?

      Many thanks in advance!

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          Without knowing what that third-party system is, it is hard to give a good reccomendation here. 

          One approach is using Marketo Forms 2.0 as usual, and then write some custom JavaScript on form submit to also send this data to the other system.

          A different approach would to be using a webhook. Use Forms 2.0 as usual, using a webhook Marketo can inform the third-party system that the form was filled. 
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            Hi Murtza, 

            thanks for pointing me in the right direction!