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    Outlook Plug-in not working...


      Out of nowhere, my Marketo Outlook plug-in has stopped working. 

      When I click in Outlook to "log with Marketo" I get a pop up message that Marketo Ad-In has been disabled, and I am unable to verify my information.

      Any idea why this would happen? Do I need to have my admin reset my account?

      Thank you!
        • Re: Outlook Plug-in not working...

               Oh the wonders of the Outlook polugin... :) We have had so many issues with it, but that is a story for another day.

               If the logo appears in your outlook ribbon, the plugin should be fine as it relates to Outlook. The error message you received may be due to your email add-in license being revoked. It may also be due to your plugin version.

               In either case you will need to talk to your admin or make a trip to the admin section.  Under Integration then Sales Insight, look to see if your name is listed. If it is, resend an invitation and follow the instructions. If it isn't create a new license and follow the instructions in the invite.

               I hope this helps!