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    Automate transfer of leads to Salesforce

    Matthew Libanio

           Hi there,
              We are new to Marketo, and going to be launching a program soon to nurture leads.  However, we want to automate the Sync of leads to SFDC, rather than having somebody log in every day (or every hour hopefully!) and sync those leads to SFDC.

           Any idea on thos this is done?


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          Hi Matthew,

          Marketo automatically syncs leads to salesforce with the mandated lead fields. The best way to ensure this would be to set up your nurture so that one asset is gated, or that you've collected the required fields prior to the nurture, so that they can be synced to Salesforce. You should also add them to a specific Salesforce campaign to make reporting/pushing leads to sales easier.

          Hope that helps!
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            Matthew Libanio
            Hi Kristen,
             thanks for the quick reply!  Can you clarify what is meant by "mandated lead fields"?  We have several mandated fields, if our understanding is the same, but so far, none of the leads go to SFDC, and simply just stay in Marketo, even when a campaign is specified.  Any thoughts behind this?
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              Matthew Libanio
              Okay I think I found the issue.  My Smart List was improperly configured. We share an instance of Marketo with our US counterparts, and was confusing some of their SFDC parameters with ours, and hence it was terminating right there.  It would also help if I set up the schedule properly as well.  It was set to never send.  That answers a lot.

              Thank you Kristen, you really helped me to look at it from a different perspective.

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                Leads are synced to SFDC one of two ways:
                •           you use the "Sync Lead to SFDC" flow step
                •           you use the "Add to Campaign" flow step
                It sounds like you've got this part down.

                Leads may still not sync over to SFDC if one of the parameters doesn't fit SFDC's criteria, and common examples are:
                •           lead doesn't have Last Name, Company, or Email Address
                •           one field is too long for the SFDC field it maps to
                •           a validation rule in SFDC prevents it from accepting a field

                     My guess is that you're experiencing one of the situations above. You can set up alerts to trigger for when you expect leads to sync to SFDC, but they do not. For example, in your flow steps, you can have a step that syncs the lead, then 10 minutes later, email an alert to yourself if the lead still isn't in SFDC.