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Using field tokens in Change Data Value choices - not working?

Question asked by 45d0a2b73a45c9a947fac7a964c2ef2b8e10d1c0 on Jun 18, 2014
Latest reply on Jun 20, 2014 by 2c743b3637c1dc169c379543821adc9baaff203c
I'm looking to set up a data management campaign that updates a field only if a particular condition is met.

In this case, the scenario is:

If a Lead provides a company name, update the Pending Account Name field if the provided name does not match what is in our CRM record.

To do this, I'm attempting to use Change Data Value with the following choice:

If: [Company Name (Custom)] / [is not] / [{{company.Company Name}}]
Attribute: [Pending Account Name] / New Value: [{{lead.Company Name (Custom)}}]

Tokens are working fine for the New Value, but aren't working for the conditional value in the If portion.