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For those of you that use telemarketing, how do you incorporate that channel/workflow in Marketo?

Question asked by Dan Stevens. Expert on Mar 17, 2015
Latest reply on Mar 17, 2015 by Dan Stevens.
We use a central teleprospecting group that focuses on setting appointments for our sales teams.  There's usually a single teleprospecting campaign/program around a common business issue or solution offering (which is then reflected in Marketo as individual programs).  An appointment would constitute a fast-tracked MQL, which would be synced/routed to CRM immediately so that Marketing can assign to Sales.  Unlike events - where we upload a single list of attendees into Marketo (and a handful of them would be also fast-tracked to MQL status) - the teleprospecting group is setting appointments daily. 

I'm interested to learn how others have integrated this channel into Marketo - and most importantly, how to ensure data is entered in a timely manner so that Sales run with the lead in CRM as soon as possible.  Today, an email with all of the call detail is sent to a central marketer and sales rep - where the marketer creates a new lead in CRM.  We don't want any lead (MQL) created in CRM unless it's being sent over from Marketo (to ensure accurate reporting; and prevent duplicates).