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    Anyway to avoid duplicates being created when using webhook call to create leads in CRM

           We are currently using ScribeOnline (Marketo Partner) to create leads in our CRM (by calling a webhook for Scribe whenever a lead is created in Marketo) as opposed to a simple out-of-the-box sync to Microsoft Dynamics.
           The reason we need to do this is because our Inside Sales teams have a mandate to follow-up with leads within 2 minutes of creation. Unfortunately the out-of-the-box sync can take up to 10 minutes for our instance before appearing in CRM. Whereas we are able to get it in CRM with the webhook call within 25 secs or less through integration with Scribe.
           The issue is that this ends up creating a duplicate in Marketo, because Marketo doesn't realize that the record in CRM should be associated with the record in Marketo.
           How does Marketo associate CRM records with Marketo records?
           Is there a way for us to bring in a value to the CRM (so Marketo matches with the CRM record), or conversely to write a value from CRM into Marketo?

           Anyone have experence with this?