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Scoring help for visits to demo site and fills out form

Question asked by 61100 on Aug 12, 2014
Latest reply on Aug 12, 2014 by 7bd945c890da454f04c45e613130f586b2ee3fcf

     We have a form users complete to get credentials to access our product's demo site. In our first iteration of our scoring program, we've assigned +30 to filling out the demo form and +25 to accessing the demo site (we've added munckin code to the product). This way a user who does both exceeds our 50 pt threshold and is deemed an MQL. 

     But there are times when we send outbound emails to prospects with the link to our demo site and the credentials, so they don't have to complete the form. If we stick to the above scoring, a user who visits our site but bypasses the form is scored much lower. 

     What would you recommend we do in cases like this? Should we not use our scoring tokens in these cases but instead score the visits demo site action a +55?