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Engagement Score --- Factoring out Audience

Question asked by 794dcab6396ce9078825eac7b5825bbb877bf4d3 on Jul 23, 2014
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     In Evaluating the results of the Engagement Score accross tons of leads for my clients, I realized that there is an inherent bias in the engagement score and the segment the nurture is against.  So for example, the average engagement score for late stage or lost nurture is always much lower than the engagement score for new lead nurture.  This is a function of the segment and not  ... at least fully .. the content.  So my question is ..

     1.  How do you use the engagement score accounting for this
     2.  What is the best way for me to weigh the significance of my results knowing this?

     If I group emails within stages, for example if I say show me all emails in late stage,   I can compare them to eachother, but they all fall under 50, industry average.  So do we have any averages for different stages? When we say industry average is 50, does that take segment into consideration?  My guess is no, but I request Marketo give me some insight on this part of the question!


     Maneeza :)