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    What behavior do you consider unsubscribed?

    Helen Abramova

      Just interested in peers experience - what behavior exactly do you consider as really unsubscribed and a sign of unwillingness to receive any communication?

      Usually I exclude those who clicked on Unsubscribe link while counting Clicks (which basically makes it different from built-in stats). At the same time I cannot include all of them to Unsubscribed bucket as not all of them fill out an Unsubscribe form that is pretty simple and requires just one additional click. So they are somewhere in "Limbo" and probably overlooked.

      Some of these leads might click on other links as well - website, CTA, social icons, and then click on Unsubscribe without filling out Unsubscribe form. So I believe they might be considered interested/engaged, and their clicks might be counted, scored etc.

      Do you have similar issue and how do you deal with it?

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          Josh Hill
          I only unsubsribe someone when they have filled out the form with the unsusbcribe=TRUE on it. 

          I do not count clicking on unsubscribe links in scoring or for IMs. I also would not consider them engaged if they click on unsub but don't finish the form.

          You are only required to honor their request if they complete the form submission.

          That being said, it's better to create a subscription center. There are quite a few threads on that, so take a look.