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    What Filter as Web Visits to Marketo Asset


      I have several assets (PDFs) hosted on marketo and I want to create a smart list that filters by visits to those assets. The PDFs are not gated behind a form, just hosted in Marketo's Design Studio.

      How do I set up a smart list that filters leads who have visted the PDF URL?

      It doesn't make sense that this would require munchkin code because the URL is a Marketo URL. 

      Thanks, Kristin
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          Matt Stone
          You would use the "Visited Web Page" filter the same way as if you wanted to see if they had visited a landing page, or a page with the munchkin code on it.

          If you want to filter just by PDFs, you can change it to be "contains .pdf"
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            Hi Kristen,
            To record web page visits, Munchkin is required on the page being visited. Even though we will be able to track downloads of a PDF, we cannot associate this download back to any lead since Munchkin cannot be put on a PDF. PDFs are files and not actual web pages so scripts, such as Munchkin, cannot be loaded on them. Thus, Marketo has no way to track who actually downloaded the PDF.

            Instead, we suggest to find leads who downloaded a PDF by using the "Clicked Link in Email" or "Clicked Link on Web Page" filters and selecting the PDF as the link being clicked.