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    Adding Programs to Marketing Calendar

    Jenn DiMaria
      I've created a custom tag for our Marketing Calendar called Advertising. I'd like to attribute the tag to Programs, but am unable to do so. These Programs typically contain only landing pages with trigger campaigns and some assets (forms, autoresponder and alert emails), so there isn't a Batch Campaign that appears readable by the calendar.

      Is there a way to rig this so I can get our Advertising Programs on the calendar? Or would it be best if - moving forward - I created our Advertising Programs as Events?
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          I have the same situation here. I am desperately trying to add programs (such as our banner ads which I tag with online advertising) and I can't seem to add them to the calendar. 

          When I click on a specific date in the calendar, the current drop down options (basic entry, smart campaign, email program) do not match this kind of promotion. Do I need to update the available options? I'm also not able to select basic entry and have something appear either. 

          Second, if I click on Program Actions at the top, and then Reschedule Entries there is no anchor entry that I am able to select??