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    Setting up a MDR team

      Has anyone got any advice or tips on setting up an MDR or SDR team to follow up on qualified leads and common pitfalls to avoid between Marketing and Sales?
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          Josh Hill
          There are a ton of thoughts on many blogs. Depending on your resources, I've seen this work work:

          Marketing>MDR>Field Sales

          an MDR/SDR can work for Marketing or for Sales, depending on how you operate. If your MDRs are a pipeline for your sales team, then they might do better with sales. If you run them more as appt setters, then Marketing should oversee them.

          The pitfalls are really about process - is the system tracking the right data? Are the triggers right? Is the hand-off process right between groups? As long as each team has clear goals and expectations, it should work.

          One pitfall is if Sales Leadership isn't interested in cracking down on bad behavior - if they don't buy into the new vision, their team won't either. People not using the system? They should or they will lose big time.
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            Nick feel free to reach out to me; we've set up a SDR team with great success in the last couple of years
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              Lots of great resources out there on this. One great blog I subscribe to is over at InsightSquared.