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    Champion Email in Engagement Stream

      Hi, Once you declare a champion from an A/B test in an engagement program will the champion email be sent to the remaning audience in the next cast or do you have to set up another program to send the the remaning audience the winning email?
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          Dory Viscogliosi
          Hey Nick, once the champion is declared, it will be the email to go out anytime there is a cast. One "gotcha" that I've seen is at the declare a champion window, the declare date is typically one day ahead but the current time. If you look at it quickly, you might miss that it says tomorrow's date, which means that you have a chance of missing your next cast if it's within 24 hours. 
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            That's a great point Dory.

            Make sure to declare the champion in advance of the next cast, otherwise both the challenger and the champion will go out again with the same split. Note that there are two ways to A/B test an email, with the email itself and with an email send. With A/B tests for an email, the test is split and the entire audience recieves the message. This applies for the traditional email A/B test.

            Nick, are you running an A/B test within an email send program that sits in the engagement stream? You mentioned the remaining audience.

            For A/B Tests within an email send program (depending on how you set the test up), only a portion of the audience recieves the test. Once a winner is chosen the rest of the audience receives the champion message (this message can be scheduled). After you have chosen the champion message for the email send program in the engagment stream, the champion will be sent on the next cast for the stream. If you do not choose a champion before the next cast, the email will still be in limbo and I do not believe the email will be cast again (until you choose a champion).

            Hope this helps!
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                   Thanks Dory and Joe, makes sense.

                   I'm not running an email send program within the engagement stream, just the email in the stream has an A/B test. If I undertand right, once I declare a champion the remaining audience in the stream will receive the champion email? Do I need to set up an email program send or will just the A/B test in the email itself work?

              Thanks heaps

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                Email A/B tests are sent to the entire audience. The audience receives version A or B depending on the split you choose (80/20, 70/30, 50/50, etc.). Everyone should have recevied an email in the scenario you describe. Choose a champion for that test and the next cast of that message will be the champion.