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    Email Alerts on Link Clicks

      I currently have alerts set up to notify me and my sales team on all new form fills. I am trying to set up similar alerts on leads that click on links within my marketing emails. The use case is as follows:

      When we send marketing emails (to contacts already in our Marketo data base), we often include white papers and other pieces of content that don't requrie form fills -- since we already have the contact's basic information, the links point directly to the content. Ordinarily, the content is gated and we are alerted, but in the above scenario, we are not.

      It's important for us to know exactly who is clicking on those links. While I can set up a smart list to ultimately capture that information later on, the team is not alerted on clicks unless I export the smart list and share with the team. Is it possible to set up triggers telling me and my team who has clicked on a link in an email, what email it was, and what link it was?

      This is a challenge we've been trying to resolve for a while, so any help would be much appreciated.

      Thanks in advance,