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    Best practices for programs within engagement programs?

           Hi all,

           I have multiple active engagement programs which share some email content but do not overlap audiences at all.

           My issue is that when I make changes to one email (a local asset of engagement program A), I have to then make changes to every other instance of that email (cloned local assets which live in their respective engagement programs).

           It would be ideal to have an email program for each of these emails so that I can make the change once and it will automatically update in all engagement programs where the email lives. However, that would mean that none of my engagement programs would have local assets - just email programs dragged into streams.

           I would love to see how you are addressing this in your instances, if any of you are willing to share!


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          One idea is to create the programs in a folder, outside of the engagement programs,  and then reference them to all the individual streams.  They do not have to be local assets.  
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            Ashleigh Davis
            I've leveraged the same email across multiple streams and multiple programs....and I love that Marketo recognizes it as the same email and won't inadvertently deliver it to the same individual twice. In my opinion, one of the great things about engagement streams is the flexibility to pull in other programs and assets underneath the fold to build the nurture experience.

            That said, you're probably like me where you want things to be neat and clean and all folded under the parent. A super clean and tidy "house" in Marketo, right? :)

            The reality is, though, that streamlining and leveraging the same email across streams is quicker and easier to manage - and it sounds like you have the right idea. Although it means not using local assets in all instances....and that's okay! As long as the system makes sense to you, this is where Marketo's flexibility comes in!
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