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    Thoughts on finding a marketing automation specialist?

      Hi all,
      My company is new to Marketo, and we have an open position for a Marketing Automation specialist?  Any tips on finding the best talent?  Where to look?  Job titles/descriptions?

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          Pierce Ujjainwalla
          The community is a great spot for that. There is a whole discussion board dedicated to Job Postings.

          Also, depending on what you are looking for there are also quite a few agencies out there that will offer you Marketo managed services and a consultant who can help you guys get up and running.

          Good luck and enjoy the journey!

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            Valerie Armstrong
            Marketo just held a great webinar on how they organize their own Marketing Operations team and what they look for in job candidates.  You can view the recording and slides here: https://www.marketo.com/webinars/how-marketo-structures-marketing-operations
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              Ashleigh Davis
              Hey Heather -

              What market are you in? I'll be honest...some markets are MUCH harder to source talent than are others. That said, when I was looking for my recent position (which I started just a few weeks ago), I searched LinkedIn. I found it to be much more thorough and up-to-date with opportunities than other job sites out there.

              To Pierce's point, definitely post the job here on the community. Also, consider tapping into the local Marketo User Group (MUG) if there is one in your area. Also, reach out to your Marketo rep...they may or may not have some other suggestions and/or relationships with consultants that know people looking for a new position. You're going to find it's a very small community! :)

              Job titles worth using: Marketing Automation Specialist, Marketing Automation Manager

              Don't be scared to have your recruiters tap prospective candidates with experience in other platforms as well. And depending on your CRM integration, certainly look for those skills as well.

              Good luck!
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                Thanks to all of you for the replies!  I'll check out the Job Opps board and post our listing there.

                Ashleigh, funny you mention the user group.  There isn't one in my area (closest one is 4 hours away), so I'm also working on getting a new one started here.  We're in Charlotte, NC.  I know our HR team posts positions on LinkedIn, but I think I'll go a step further and start posting the position in groups that I'm in.
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                  Josh Hill

                  I would look at LinkedIn and some of the Job opps here for ideas. Most titles for Marketo only roles are

                  Marketing Automation Specialist/Manager
                  Marketing Operations Manager
                  Marketing Manager
                  Demand Generation Manager (more creative aspects to role)

                  There aren't a lot of experienced people who are open to non consulting roles right now. As Pierce mentioned, there are many agencies and freelancers who can help you get started with Marketo or manage it for you without a big commitment. Feel free to reach out if you want to speak further. jdhill@marketingrockstarguides.com
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                    These are all great suggestions. Josh's firm is one of the best. If you want local recommendations, you should ask your Marketo rep to give you a list of partners he recommends in your area. Even though it is far, the user group is a great place to meet fellow users that might be interested. You can post something to the LinkedIn group if you can't travel to a meeting, reach out to the group leader.