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Setting Behavior Score Equal to Person Score

Question asked by Troy Larson on Jan 9, 2020
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Hi all, 


Have a question for you all: 


I have a scenario where I'd like to reduce a person's Demo Score & therefore their Person Score by -20. However, if they are less than 20 on their Demo Score, I'd like to set that to 0 and if they have a Behavior Score, I'd like to set Person Score equal to that. 


I know how to create a constraint where in Demo > 20, set =0 but how do I set a constraint where if Person Score>20 set to Behavior Score?

Here's an example: 

Pre                                  Post

Demo = 10                      Demo = 0 

Behavior = 3                   Behavior = 3

Person Score = 13         Person Score = 3



Any thoughts?/ Ideas on how to do this?