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Comment Capture Value Changed to Blank Space

Discussion created by Theo Phan on Jan 3, 2020
Latest reply on Jan 6, 2020 by Theo Phan

Hi all,


I'm having an issue where the data submitted in the "CommentCapture" field in a Marketo form is being changed to just blank space. When the Marketo form is submitted, the data initially pushes to SugarCRM via webhook and I can see it mapped correctly in the Notes field within SugarCRM when I view the record details initially. However, SugarCRM then runs a scheduler to update with the latest data from Marketo, at which point, it gets changed from the original data to now blank. When I go back into the SugarCRM record to check, the field is indeed blank because of the change on the Marketo side.


Below are screenshots from activity log:  




I've tried to block this from happening under the Admin > Field Management > Comment Capture setting but it doesn't seem to be working?



Has anyone experienced a similar issue? Any insight on how to resolve this issue? 

I'd greatly appreciate any suggestions on this.