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Chrome 80 Feb 2020 update

Discussion created by Tucker Allen on Jan 3, 2020
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Hi MKE group - quick question for ya!


We received an email from Salesforce that Google Chrome will be launching a browser update in February. Has anyone else seen this alert? Just wondering if anyone is familiar with this change and if it will impact the munchkin code on Chrome. I saw one article from Sanford, but it's dated a bit before my email alert (Dec 19th) and a bit beyond my non-developer capabilities to understand. I believe it only impacts you if you don't use https pages.


New chrome warning about Marketo cookie SameSite and Secure attributes 


Google Chrome 80, which is scheduled by Google to be released in February 2020, changes the default behavior of cookies in cross-domain scenarios. Chrome 80 introduces a new default value for cookie attribute: “SameSite=Lax”. (Previously, the SameSite cookie attribute defaulted to “SameSite=None”.)
• Any custom integrations that rely on cookies might no longer work in Google Chrome. This change particularly affects – but is not limited to – custom single sign-on, and integrations using iframes.