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Attribution dilemma

Question asked by Hank Hansen on Dec 19, 2019
Latest reply on Dec 19, 2019 by Hank Hansen

Our leads will lose their channel attribution (such as a paid channel)  when leads interact with sales in our chat service. Sales will enter a new lead manually in Salesforce when this happens. We can't capture UTMs or any other data in the Marketo record from the visitor as a result.

I have an idea for solving this:


1) Lead lands on a unique page on our site set up for a given channel. I would rather not use Marketo landing pages but I can if that would help solve the problem.


2) Lead is manually created by sales in Salesforce while they chat with the lead

3) A campaign sends the new lead an email with a free (gated) asset offer

4) A Marketo form on the landing page captures their name and email and adds their cookied activity since their visit (step 1). Conversions with this page in the activity history would be attributed to the given channel.

Seems viable? Is there a better/simpler approach for this?


Thanks for any thoughts!

- Hank