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    Help emailing my whole database minus one list, and dealing with a suppression file

      I'm trying to send an email to nearly every lead in our database except for one smaller list of leads that's already in the database. I also want to upload a list of email addresses to use as a suppression file. What is the best way to go about this? 

      Is there a way to set up a smart list for all leads in the database except X, for example? 

      How should I apply the suppression? Should I import the emails into a list and then run a Smart List to filter them out? And will Marketo automatically add these email addresses as new leads in my database (assuming the emails aren't already in the database)? Is there a way to tell Marketo NOT to add them? I don't want them to be created as leads, if this is possible, cause down the road we may want to email the whole database again but not these contacts.