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Help - extremely poor open and clicks (mostly by bots)!

Question asked by Marketing Interface Team on Dec 11, 2019
Latest reply on Dec 19, 2019 by Amanda Reilly

We just started our email marketing efforts recently with a brand new database.


For the first email, I expected some bounces, so not surprised with that. 


What I didn't expect is our open rate and click rate will be so low. We have 6.5% open rate and approx 2% click rate. But when I looked at the details, I found that most of these opens and clicks are from what seems like bots, since they have the same pattern of going through every single link on the email (including our social media links, the privacy policy and unsubscribe), and come from the same set of 3 or 4 large financial institutions..


From 6600 emails sent out, we seem to only have 3 real people that have actually clicked and gone to our landing page! The quality of my emails is decent (sure, everyone has room for improvement). Its definitely not bad enough to warrant click rate of less than .05%!


Does anyone have any other thoughts on what else I should be looking for? Is it possible the emails are going into their bulk/spam folder (not marked as spam, but just not being read)? How could I correct that?