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Marketo + Salesforce, Assign Marketo Lead to Contact Owner

Question asked by Travis Wittenburg on Dec 9, 2019
Latest reply on Dec 9, 2019 by Jay Jiang

Hi Marketo Nation!


Pretty simple yet tricky task.


Currently all new leads are assigned to the Sales Queue by default in Marketo/Salesforce.


I want to use Marketo to automatically determine the correct Lead Owner using the Contact Owner on the SFDC Contact. Rather than full email, I'd like to use email domain from the lead. For example: = Salesperson A = Salesperson B = Salesperson A


Is there a way to do this entirely within Marketo, or is there some special third party software? I do not want to create rules in Marketo with tons of criteria, I would rather lookup in a table like a Google sheet or SQL database.


Thanks for putting me in the right direction,