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Rest API issue for obtaining program ID for email programs

Question asked by 07b8ac504a58fa0e969be647ea0344afdac5efa9 on Dec 5, 2019



We are integrating Qlik sense with marketo to use Qlik as front-end self-serve dashboard for marketing campaigns.

We have various dashboard in Qlik that uses Marketo as data source to report on programs (no. of form fills/email opens/clicks etc.)


The issue we are facing is that we’re able to retrieve smart campaigns via the API end points but we cannot get any data for email program type. For these, we’re trying to use this approach of using two endpoints but still get errors as shown below –


  "requestId": "ab2b#16eac3091c3",
  "success": false,
  "errors": [
      "code": "1013",
      "message": "Campaign not found"


Endpoints used-

Get Activity:
obtain campaign ID

Get Campaign, with the ID:!/Campaigns/getCampaignsUsingGET
obtain Program ID.

Any insights into this will be much much appreciated!


Thank you!