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Webhook response mapping not updating lead

Question asked by Caleb Williams on Dec 4, 2019
Latest reply on Dec 5, 2019 by Caleb Williams

I have a webhook that is working and I see the response come back as a JSON as:


          "results": {
               "id": 2,
               "number": "0001",
               "name": "city, state",
               "ouId": 2,
               "config": {
                    "show1": true,
                    "show2": true
          "success": true,
          "message": "OK"

However my response mapping of result.config.show1 results.config.show1 to a lead field is not updating the lead field. I have tried having the lead field be of type boolean, string, and text area with no change.



Is there an issue with Marketo reading this JSON correctly? Is there another way to get to having those values update a field on the lead? I'm even ok if that means using email scripting to evaluate the JSON.





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