Amanda Giacobassi

Where to store smart lists when they are used in multiple programs?

Discussion created by Amanda Giacobassi on Dec 2, 2019
Latest reply on Dec 26, 2019 by Amy Goldfine

*NOTE: this question was originally asked using the term "seed list". I use that to mean a group of contacts to enroll (or seed) into a marketing campaign. I am essentially talking about a smart list with advanced filters!

I'm working on increasing the nuance of our marketo programs, and want to make sure I build out seed lists in a scalable way.


Today we send marketing newsletters and content announcement emails to our entire marketable database. We are moving in the direction of using targeted seed lists (smart lists with advanced filters) to subsegment who we send offers to, but it's looking like some seed lists will get reused across multiple programs - either an identical seed list used a few times, or nearly identical versions with small variations. I'm looking for suggestions on where to store these seed lists. 


I don't love the idea of nearly identical, or identical, seed lists in every program. If we want to change filters, we'd need to change them in a variety of places. If we make changes over time for one-off campaigns targeting similar personas, it would be hard to remember which program had the most current set of filters. I'm thinking of building a library of these seed lists in the database section, but that also has limitations: if our database seed lists have more filters than what a program needs, we'd end up rebuilding the smart list as a local asset within the program anyway. 


Wondering what others have done in this domain. Thanks!