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Clicks Link on Web Page trigger not working for smart campaign

Question asked by Jasmin Goelzenleuchter on Dec 2, 2019
Latest reply on Dec 5, 2019 by Michael Florin

Hi, I am trying to set-up a trigger if a pdf document on a web page (Coded Marketo page with embedded form) is downloaded, in order to receive a notification every time, someone clicks a pdf is a known user in Marketo. 


You can see in the image below, that Marketo has tracked the activity, but the smart campaign trigger didn't fire.


The pdf is on the following page, but only visible if you are a known user. As I am using the Known Visitor HTML functionally, so people will get the link directly when a known visitor. 

This is the web page: Whitepaper - PXI Express System 


Thanks for your help.