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Compare values from 'custom activity' to 'visits web page filter / trigger' in a smart campaign

Question asked by Barry Dupont on Dec 4, 2019



We are developing a system in Marketo that checks website product pages that our customers visit (Can Marketo identify specific information (i.e. product sku) on a webpage ) to products that our customers have ordered, or been quoted, in a certain timeframe (Whats the best way to store order, quote and product information in Marketo . We actually went with custom activities in the end).


So now we have quotes/orders coming in as custom activities, with the product SKU as a field. We will soon be able to use the 'visits webpage' filter/trigger with the 'QueryString' constraint so we know what customers have looked at on the website.


I had thought (vaguely, I admit) that I could use a SMART campaign to compare products looked at on the website against products quoted/ordered, and if there was no match, then perform flow action (increase score, add to program, add to list etc). Maybe using tokens, because I don't want to set up a smart campaign for every product SKU (around 2500). However, when it actually came to, I can't see a way of doing it using standard smart campaign functionality.


I would appreciate any ideas on how to make 'compare' bit of this system work, or other approaches to achieve the end goal: "If a customer is looking at a product on our website that they haven't ordered or been quoted, then perform a flow action in Marketo"