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Creating a webhook for Google Lead Forms

Question asked by Justin Laberge on Nov 22, 2019
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Hey Marketo community,


I have a question in relation to building a webhook for Google lead forms:


We're setting the webhook up and the documentation is all making sense but I'm having trouble figuring out how to get the actual Hostname URL from google.


I have documentation for how it works here - Overview  |  Lead Form Webhook  |  Google Developers 


But I'm not sure how I can test it and see what the Hostname (URL) is for Marketo:


Everything else is just creating the webhook itself but testing the hostname and seeing where I can get that information for marketo remains a mystery to me.


If we add our SOAP/REST (not sure which either) information here - where can I see the results of this test?


I may be completely off base but any starting point to this would be greatly appreciated - or if you've created this before


Have a great day,