Anna McLauchlan

Wellington User Group 14 November Slides

Discussion created by Anna McLauchlan on Nov 18, 2019

Thanks everyone for coming along to our user group on 14th November, and to Cedric, Lulu and Kevin for some great presentations. It was awesome to see such a great turn out for Wellington. Thanks to Marketo for sponsoring the food and drinks after and for Vic Uni (Lulu) for organising such a great room. 


I have attached LuLu's presentation 'One Instance to Rule them all'  and my summary preso.


Cedric's preso 'Under the hood of a Smart Campaigns' is also attached.


Don't forget that link to the checklist. The Ultimate Go-Live Checklist 


And feel free to invite anyone that's not in this user group as we will be posting all the info in this channel.


Stand by for the rest of the presos!  Thanks all.