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Changing Email addresses

Question asked by Lucas Metherall on Nov 17, 2019

Hi all, 


We have a manual process of integrating our RE data with MKTO at the moment. This will mean manually changing/updating email addresses in leads' records. Does anyone have a method for doing this in bulk/automatically?

I found this in community;


1. Create a new custom field

2. Import your list using the existing email address mapped to the standard email address field so that it de-duplicates against the existing lead.

3. During import, map the correct/updated email address to the new custom field you created. This gets the correct email address into the correct exiting lead record.

4. Create a smart campaign with a change data value flow step.Set the value to be changed as the standard email address field. For the new value, use the token value for your new custom field. This will take the updated email address from the custom field and write it into the standard custom field.


How do I use the token value for my field? I tried using our unused field 'Role', but can't figure out how to reference the data in that field.