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Progressive Profiling Forms

Question asked by Massive Insights on Nov 14, 2019
Latest reply on Nov 25, 2019 by Sanford Whiteman

Hi there


I created a progressive profiling form and consists of:


#1 first form fill
First Name
Last Name
Opt In

CTA (Download now)

After the user fills out the first part and if they come along the following day I want to be able to show the following form fill

#2 form fill
Email (auto-populated)
Question 1 - Yes/No
If yes (Text box field)

#3 form fill
Thirdly, if they fill the above out and come along to our site the following day they are presented with another form fill
Email (auto-populated)
Venue Type
Current POS
Book a demo? Yes/No

#4 form fill
And finally, again if they visit the site again, they will be presented with the following info to fill out
Email (auto-populated)
Book a demo? Yes/No

This is to all be in 1 form.
Is this possible within Marketo to set something like this up?

I have everything in form #1 outside the profiling box in marketo and when I preview it I'm seeing First name/Last name/Email/ Opt In and Question #1 which is part of the profiling in form fill #2

Thank you!