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Can Marketo identify specific information (i.e. product sku) on a webpage

Question asked by Barry Dupont on Nov 15, 2019
Latest reply on Nov 21, 2019 by Barry Dupont

We have a Magento e-commerce website with about 2500 products, and I would like to track which products our known leads are looking at.


To give some context, we are creating a lead scoring programme for repeat customers, and need this information for two reasons:

  1. Some products are higher value than others, so we want to vary the score depending on the product type.
  2. We want to compare this information with order/quotation data to make sure we do not create opportunities based on activity that is related to products they have already purchased.

(more info about that here)


Originally I was thinking I would be able to use the page url to filter this, as normally the url contains the SKU. However, I have since found out that this isn't always the case. Because its an e-commerce site with a deep category structure, there may be several urls for the same product, depending on how the customer arrived at the product page (directly from the search engine, through the category structure, from site search  etc). And the SKU isn't always included.


Instead, can Marketo/Munchkin identify the actual product SKU (an example of how it appears in the source, with SKU highlighted, below) and then record this against the lead?


 <div class="product attribute sku">
        <strong class="type">Product code</strong>        <div class="value" itemprop="sku">
                            THIS-IS-THE-SKU                    </div>


I am out of my depth here, so hopefully the question makes sense. If this is not possible, is there another way we can achieve this?