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Death By Email: How do you expand from email nurtures to multi-channel nurtures?

Question asked by Andrew Slutzky on Nov 13, 2019
Latest reply on Nov 14, 2019 by Josh Pickles

Hello Marketo Community,

1. Would you be open to sharing with me any best practices on setting up multiple-channel nurtures inside of Marketo?
  • Example: Multi-Nurture Cadence
    • Step #1: Receives Marketo Email
    • Step #2: Received Text Message 
    • Step #3: Served a LinkedIn Sponsored Ad
    • Step #4: Sent a Sendoso Direct Maik
    • Step #5: Receives a call from a SDR
    • Step #6: Receives a Marketo Email


2. Do you have any documentation on how to do this?


I'm currently working on the following 3 email nurture campaigns inside of Marketo.
To be frank, I'm concerned about death by email. Current nurture programs in progress below.
  • Nurture: Free Trial Nurture
    • Type: Email Programs
    • Cadence: Varies
    • Goal: Increase Engagement X percent
  • Nurture: MQL Nurture
    • Type: Email Programs
    • Cadence: Weekly
    • Goal: Moving Leads > MQLs X percent
  • Nurture: Oppty Nurture
    • Type: Email Programs
    • Cadence: Weekly
    • Goal: Moving SALs > Opptys X percent


All the best,

Andrew Slutzky