Jean Borich

Lead Scoring and Lifecycle Implementation

Discussion created by Jean Borich on Nov 13, 2019
Latest reply on Dec 17, 2019 by Josh Hill

We are going to be implementing our first lead scoring model and lead lifecycle model at the start of 2020. Prior to this, there was no real formal process for how leads are handled. This is all changing with the launch of both models. 


These concepts will be introduced to our sales team in the form of a few presentations. I want to make sure that I have additional resources available for our sales team that they can reference since these are entirely new concepts to them. 


What has worked well at your company in terms of education on these types of concepts? Have you created any tipsheets, guides, and other resources for Sales to reference on these topics? 


Does anyone have a recommendation on documents and reference sheets to create for the launch of these models? Any ideas would be helpful!