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Advice on using opportunities in Marketo with a custom CRM

Question asked by Barry Dupont on Nov 6, 2019
Latest reply on Nov 12, 2019 by Barry Dupont

Hi everyone, looking for help when syncing opportunities to a custom CRM (i.e. not SFDC or Dynamics)



Earlier this year we created a custom integration between our CRM and Marketo, which syncs person/companies

Recently we created a Lead scoring program and enhanced the sync so that MQL's from Marketo show in our CRM, and the salesperson can create opportunities from these in the CRM.


Having achieved that, I now want to sync those opportunities in Marketo. We want this because:

  • It would be useful for the marketing team to view opportunities against contacts in the Marketo.
  • We want to use the Opportunity triggers and filters in SMART campaigns, for example, email contacts based on whether they have an opportunity or not, and what stage it is at.
  • We want to improve our attribution reporting for opportunities (we use Power BI, not any Marketo products)


Creating opportunities via the API is fine, but I understand that the opportunity role object is required for opportunities to 'work' in Marketo, and it 'links' the opportunity and lead tables.


What I'm not sure of is do we need to populate the 'role' field in the OpportunityRole object, or is this only required for if you use SFDC? We currently don't enforce this field in our CRM, and don't want to (it's not that important for our business, and we don't need it for RCE or any Marketo reporting products that require it).


If we use the API to populate the following fields in the Opportunity role object: ExternalOpportunityID, LeadID and externalCreatedDate, is that enough for us the do what we want to with opportunities in Marketo?


Hopefully, this makes sense - I'm quite new to Marketo, so grateful to anyone who can help, and also would appreciate any advice from anyone who has synced opportunities to a custom CRM.