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Unperseable JSON value for the Bulk Export of activity - Unsubscribe Email/Fill Out Form

Question asked by Saptarshi Konar on Nov 5, 2019
Latest reply on Nov 5, 2019 by Sanford Whiteman

Getting unparseable json for the attribute "Form Fields"  while calling API for the activity - Unsubscribe Email/Fill Out Form.


ActivityTypeId - 2,9

API - /bulk/v1/activities/export/{exportId}/file.json

method - GET

Response - CSV

 This contains one column called - "attributes" which contains below json-

   "Client IP Address": "Masked IP",
   "Query Parameters": "",
   "Referrer URL": "Masked URL",
   "User Agent": "Masked User Agent",
   "Webpage ID": 1,
     "Form Fields": "a:5:{s:6:\"module\";s:11:\"something\";s:6:\"action\";s:5:\"some action\";s:9:\"FirstName\";s:6:\"Some       First Name\";s:8:\"LastName\";s:5:\"Some Last       Name\";s:13:\"_mktoReferrer\";s:59:\"\";}"

  • Please let us know how to parse this value of Form Fields to a json.
  • Is there any parser or sample code available in marketo for this?