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Has anyone experienced a significant delay in leads getting into a smart campaign or getting through a smart campaign?

Question asked by Jill Lacey on Nov 4, 2019

Hi there,


Has anyone experienced significant delays (close to 2 hours for some leads), from when a lead is created and then should either, get into a smart campaign or a major delay in getting through a smart campaign once it is in it (especially smart campaigns with requested campaigns in the flow logic)? 


We noticed an issue this morning where all of our forms, including unsubscribes, all our website forms, and forms that we were going to launch for a new External Marketing/Retargeting program where leads were getting created, and then taking anywhere from half an hour to 2 hours just to get into the beginning of the smart campaign. The leads met the criteria they needed to which is why they eventually got in, it was just taking a long time. 

The other issue we noticed is that once in the smart campaign it was also taking a long time, again anywhere from half an hour to two hours, to get through the campaign and sync over to SFDC. This was very concerning for obvious reasons  

In a lot of our smart campaigns we do have a lot of conditions (through "request campaign" triggers) but nothing that has a lot of conditions/additional requested campaigns other than our new External Marketing program. 


I spoke with Marketo support - they are looking into it, but they said sometimes if you have too many smart campaigns it bogs down the system, and that leads can only run get into 2 smart campaigns at a time, which I was not aware of. However, we had the same number of smart campaigns, including the new External Marketing program last week and everything was working fine. I know sometimes there are delays but it's strange to me that this was across all forms and for as long of time that it was.

Has anyone else experienced this or something similar and if so how did you resolve it, or did you just have to wait?


Any insight is greatly appreciated. Thank you!